Laughter Over The Water

by Noel'le Longhaul

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released September 17, 2013

"this is haunting, gorgeous music. animism, folklore, icons, wild winds, and great vast sweeps and vistas."
--Stephen Higa

"Noel'le has a new album out and it's heartbreaking."
--Niko (

Banjo, percussion, guitar, casio, vocals, violin, production, and mastering by Noel'le Longhaul.

Thanks Katie Ross for vocals on Morning Dove. Thanks Joshua Marcus for the stylings-inspiration for "Blood." The phrase "Silence in the Land" comes from Haley Handsdirty. "Hallelujah, I Have Known You" is the last line of a beautiful piece of writing by Wren Awry called "Six Objects, Exchanged, Between Someone Dying and Someone Being Born. Find it at Last two lines of "The Light" by Joanna Newsom. Thanks to Airoe for the sample of the train we shared. Recorded at home in Providence.



Track Name: Mourning Dove
darling, what have you done?
you held me in the halifax sun,
it was like being in love.

for you, the sun comes.
for you, the sun comes.

We promised to use a lot of time
and it took a while for that promise to die,
i can still here it cry.

i've been wrapped around your spine,
you're a tree and I'm a twisted
kudzu vine.

you're a house, i am a door
i am a guest on your floor
i'm always on your shore

you're an ocean, i'm your tide
i'm the smoke from your campfire
i am signalling you.

mourning dove out on the wire,
i'm calling you a liar
you have nothing to mourn.

one hand to you, the other to traffic,
wondering which choice could ever last,
i am always an ass.

I've watched you burn and watched you flood,
i've seen your rivers turn to mud,
and dry up.
Track Name: Tether
cut the thread
of the fraying edge
of your green bandana
you wore all summer
in the fog.

and the thickets sing hallelujah
and the mountains wear black dresses
and your kisses were made of sap
that view glued my heart to a tune
i will hope to sing forever.
Track Name: The Light
bury all of your prayers
so you can find them anywhere.
cast them into the wind,
so you hear them in everything.
oh child, you will lay down in the light.

child, find your home--get there by walking alone.

it's past that time of year again
when all your energy is spent
trying to keep things from changing,
but the light is fading.

we kill a little piece each day
to keep the bigger death at bay
bury the still parts in the ground
and trust they will know when to come out.

standing at the door of fall
i can see its light dancing on the walls
i want to learn to dance like that.

and i want to be here with you
but like dust motes winking out of view
we're in a long hall
and these are old rooms.

and this is not my tune--
but it's mine to use. this is an old song,
these are old blues.
Track Name: Clear & Bright
between the fog and city lights
behind the highways and desert sky
you see one thing clear and bright.

at birth, they gave you a sound.
it was the first time you were spoken out loud.
they said it one time, clear and bright.

for each one of us, there is a ship in the sea
i saw yours, i thought the captain saw me.
your name was painted in blue.
it sailed straight and true

towards one thing clear and bright.
Track Name: Hallelujah, I have Known You
in the hobo jungle at the foot
of mt shasta, i carved in wood
some kind of flower i had never seen.
it was blooming, it was clear and bright.
it was everything i had ever wanted to be.
but in the looming shapes of the night
i knew the only thing i knew how to do was leave.

so the ladder on the water tower takes my weight
and bears it well, til i can see the lights from the southern cross motel.
i cup my hands and i whistle loud
i hear my friend reply from the ground
but the hardest part is always climbing down.

for a time there, i was lost and free
i was a westbound train,
i kept my whistle screaming.
Track Name: Silence in the Land
saw its face
from the steam in the field.
saw it like a razor.

the fireflies
wrap around the kudzu vine.

you watched all the light
leave the frame saw the home dissapear and the house remain.
cupped his heart in your hands like a firefly blinking silently
at the southern sky,

i dug a pit with my hands
where i buried my plans
now the sunrise is quiet,
there's a silence in the land.

it's a long walk home
and there is no road
take the bundle on your back,
you've got to carry your load.
he found in you a place to rest
sleeping in the thickets
dancing in your chest.

so hold on to the one thing you understand:
your heart's a honeycomb, and there's a silence in the land.
Track Name: A Bright Hollow
The moon followed me home.
the moon came in through my window.
Thank you moon, for following me, faithfully.
the walls were looming mountains
my bed was a bright hollow.
I lay in the cave carved by all the hopes I'd ever known.
all that i was feeling stretched across the ceiling
like a starry dome.

with fragile elation
i mapped the constellations
i thought i had seen.
i felt located, or fuck, even fated
but lucky to believe
that i could trust this stuff
enough to slough off all the shit
i didn't need:

and trust the tunnels twist below us.
Track Name: Blood
tonight all that i want is to get drunk by the tracks.
tonight, all that i want is to clean up my act.
both of these things live inside of me,
and every thing i say is binding.
i wake up each morning
and write my own blood
write my own blood
write my own blood contract.

each night is black ice.
if i were a car i'd have bad headlights.
remind me to pull over
it's far too late to drive.