Moon Under Water, Hole In The Ice (Cabin Recordings)

by loone

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Noel'le Longhaul is genderqueer and uses they/them/theirs pronouns or feminine (she/her/hers) pronouns.

This album was produced in 22 days at a cabin in Maine. A banjo is the only instrument used in the creation of all the sounds found here.

"The Ballad of the Two Sisters" is set to the traditional tune "Three Little Babes."

There are schemes in the works for the record label Enemies List Home Recordings to release Moon Under Water, Hole in the Ice on vinyl, and for it to be released on tape through Ritual Tapes, which may not happen until winter 2014. Precipitating that, there may be some changes to the recordings--additional instrumentation and such-like. Please, if you download this, feel free to check back soon for an updated digital version of this album.

Thanks first go to my aunt Lynne for graciously allowing me the use of the cabin, and providing me with a place of play and adventure since a young age.

A million thanks and tiny pieces of jet and bundles of Usnea go to Furn and Jack for facilitating my ability to be in the cabin. The candles, the wood, the weavings. The crying of loons and the courage to answer back. Without their love and generosity, none of this would have been possible.

Many thanks and moons and bracken to Alidea and Ahna for all of the magic they share and cherish, the coven they hold, for the poems scrawled in snow, the tiny nails from which hang many spinning and radiant things.

Many thanks still again to my loving partner Cea, without whom there would be a hollowness to any joy seeded in these sounds, for whom there is endless dawn, fierce and kind creatures waiting with bells hanging from their hooves in the forest. Thank you for pausing on the Great Road with me to examine the pebbles we usually mindlessly step over and on.

Noel'le Longhaul: Banjo, Voice, Writing

From Pinpoint Music:

A tender heart with a steady hand and a yen for magical faculties (and whose name I fear to pronounce) holes away with a banjo for a cabin, circa Maine for twenty-two days and, in the end, there is nothing at all like madness. There appears to be peace, in fact. Love and wonder and a light twang over a fecundity of sounds found from such a humble (if goddamn challenging) instrument. I don’t know Loone too well but you should know our unrequited lovers in Enemies List sure as shit do and though I’m sure they’re as tempted as I am by the bent wonder of straight dark folk cum bluegrass blues that makes the majority of Moon so immediate and soothing, it’s the wall of black ambience the witch produces as accentuated stupor that really gets the bedroom goat horns shaking.


released 13 March 2014




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Track Name: Moon Under Water

it’s hard to remember,
it’s hard to remember,
it’s hard to remember right.

it’s like chasing moonlight
with your eyes shut on a bike ride
and your arms stretched away from your side

touching the summer
all the ones you are from or
the ones you have yet to find

standing alone in
the place that you know and
waiting for it to arrive.

oh, the touch of skin,
send my heart a-fluttering

the boom of the ice
of the moon attempting to return to the night,

oh, the touch of skin,
send my heart a-fluttering

Saw the moon under water
and I saw a hole in the ice.

for once we reversed it
completely immersed in
mistaking the stars for house lights
closing the car door
and running on water
and keeping the moon in our sight.
Track Name: Yonders' Green
I’m leaving for the mountains
I heard they were lonely

I’m not scared of the darkness
I have darkness in me

I heard there was somewhere far away and free
do you think we could get there?

when the moon and the stars
enter into yonders’ green.
Track Name: Silky

you’re from the sea.
I know that it’s lovely there.
I have also known bare breast
against wave crest
and the glow of buyouancy
when the wild water holds holds holds
this world does not let go
so easily

you’re a human being.
Wingless and full of dreams
lighting little lanterns in the hollow caverns of
the night and inside of me
where secret things are shown
where the wild wind blows blows blows
on its five-pointed-star-crossed-roads.

Well, here we are again:
at this long door.

long door this is a long door this life is a long door
long door this life is a long door
long door long door long door
long door long door long door

a rest in a rest between heartbeats


this is a wink from the suns eye

we have a moment to learn how we touch

five pointed star-crossed roads
Track Name: Trails
All we have are the paths that came before us
the trails of deer, subtle and clear when the world was forest.
they are now highways, an impassable maze
slash and burn, slash and burn, slash and burn
Track Name: Filling Pools
stand in the clover
in a blanket of snow
heard the wind come
and held the note

the field parts its hair
with a bristling brush of ice
the field casts out its stones
like they were dice

instead of a stone wall
I’m building a throne
of saplings and pinecones
of bitters and bones

pools of streetlight
pools of sweat
pools of blankets,
painted axe head.

smoke and hair and the long stare backward.
smoke and hair and the long stair backward.
smoke and hair and the long stare backward.

Oh, to drink from the water, oh!
Oh! To drink one's fill!
Oh! The pools are filling up!
Oh! Meet me there at the well!
Track Name: Sweet Fern
Sweet Fern! Keep me from Lies!
Track Name: Prayer for Safe Passage
Dream, Mother Dream, Father Dream.
Track Name: Painted Ax
swing from the ax head
know when to run
the the sun rise before the dawn
they both travel on, ya hey!

see the arrow glance from the fawn
they both travel on, ya hey!