The Listening and the Letting Go

by Noel'le Longhaul & Jess X Chen

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Alex Alexander
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Alex Alexander Overflowing with sincerity and humanity. Poetry tracing deep parallels between emotional experience and the land. Folk instrumentation that flows like a river, always feels familiar but never derivative. A perfect album. Thank you. Favorite track: Ghost Town.
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released April 9, 2013



Track Name: Dandelion
Don't kill yourself--it will happen soon enough.
Stand in the storm, and look up
into the snow, at each possible
future drifting down, to white out the tired ground.
Each piece of cloud is crystalline
walk home in their shroud
knee deep.

You'll find no home
like the one in your bones
because your body knows
things you don't.

Your body leaves tracks,
you can follow them back
each footprint will pass
and emerge as mud
they will bring forth grass
you will lie in it.

Let all your names float
into the wind
let all your seeds go
you have many of them
your colors will glow
and your colors will dim
you are growing old
you dandelion.

when you grow up
you become cremated ash
and as i watch each flake of you leave my hands
you will ask the leaves
teach me how to fall gracefully
teach me how to hide in the atmosphere
where you're an empty helicopter
with only wind to rescue
and when the wind comes
you can land anywhere
and anywhere can be the sea
and the sea can be the memory
that there is no rift
between everywhere and you
are an ampersand with no nouns to stand between